November 2014

New Kit 7756 EMD F59PH Locomotive Now Available!

The custom instruction kit to build a GO Transit livery EMD F59PH diesel locomotive is now complete and available in the store. This kit features sticker graphics for the finished model with road numbers for 3 different locomotives. Furthermore, this kit can be built either unpowered or powered by either LEGO® 9V or Power Functions systems. The kit takes advantage of current parts available from LEGO® and strives to optimize the type and number of parts for ease of part procurement and ease of building. Hopefully this kit will prove enjoyable to build, and as always, any feedback on the model is much appreciated.


Brickfête Ottawa a Big Success!

Brickfête Ottawa 2014 was a resounding success! The public response was overwhelmingly positive and both public days were very busy. I brought my Fareham Lego model train layout and despite a few hiccups, it performed solidly for 2 intense days of operation during public viewing. Displaying my layout at events is one of the few times I get to actually photograph and video the layout. This time I did take extra time to video trains in motion. I put together a montage video of trains operating on the layout and posted it to my flickr account and my newly created YouTube channel. I did not expect the immensely flattering response that the video would have! It was blogged by the Brothers Brick and by Gizmodo the next day! Thanks! The event attracted some great coverage in the local media even though they changed my name to Emmet due to being dressed up as Emmet from the Lego Movie during public days!