New Resources Section

A new Resources section has been added to This section contains freely available content for you to download. Most of this content are items which I have created for my own use and thought would be of value to others. Examples include:
  • Bin Labels - these are labels designed to be applied to bins of sorted LEGO® elements based on a system I have evolved over time. Elements are roughly organized by colour (since I found this is the easiest to maintain over time) and by major category (e.g. wheels, windows, track, etc.). Bin labels are a combination of large and small format labels which can either be printed onto paper or self-adhesive label sheets. If the labels are designed for a particular self-adhesive label sheet product, it will be annotated as such.
  • Stickers - a collections of sticker graphics I have authored for some of my models which may be useful for others
  • Design Concepts - drawings, articles, etc. for items such as my custom LEGO® tables, brick ideas, etc.
  • Library/Template Files - custom library or template items I have made for LEGO® software applications such as BlueBrick, LPub, LDraw, etc.
  • Electronics - drawings, schematics, PCB layouts, etc. of electronic circuits I have made for LEGO® applications
I am sure there will be other categories added over time. I should emphasize that it will take me some time to populate this section of the site since I have a great deal of material to review and I want to take the time to clean-up and prepare it for public consumption. The initial content which I have uploaded are the labels I use for my collection’s sorting bins. Other content will be released gradually over time, so stay tuned! I hope these resources are of value to some folks and if you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to contact me.